Post History Yearbooks: For Awards for 2018



1st Place Post name and Historian’s

Name on Traveling Trophy 

Plus a Wall Plaque

2nd Place Post name and Historian’s 

Name on Wall Plaque

3rd Place Post name and Historian’s
Name on Wall Plaque

All participates will receive a 

Certificate of Participation.

Bring Your Post History Yearbook

to Annual Oklahoma American
Legion Conference at 11 am on
July 13, 2018 to be judged by
Legion Awards Committee.

“How to make a Post History

Yearbook” by G. McClain

Reference: Officer’s Guide and
Manual of Ceremonies

~2015 page 147-156

Centennial Celebration 1919-2019



(1) Post should have a Centennial
Celebration Committee formed to
create events promoting the Legion’s
Centennial in your local community.
(2) Centennial Celebration Website:

“How to make a Post Centennial
website” by G. McClain
(3)  Centennial Media Kit:
(4)  Prepare a “Share the Legacy. 
Be Part of the Vision” as explained in
the 100th anniversary Media Toolkit
for your Post.  What has your Post done
in the last 100 years?  And what is your Post
vision for the next 100 years.  Request

A sample for Post 129 

Veterans Memorial Project


 “To preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars…”
Reference Resolution No. 10 Internal Affairs Commission. 

Oklahoma Veterans Memorials:
How many has your Post contributed?

Each Post is to add Veterans Memorials in Local community, region and/or county. I have a PDF I will send you on “How to Create your Post Veterans Memorials”

On the Legion website.

OETA Children’s Home:


“Back in Time:  One Big Family”
story about the formation of the Children’s Home by the Oklahoma American Legion.
Online link
can be used in a computer connected to Internet. District Commanders have a CD to share. 

Gerald McClain

The American Legion

Department of Oklahoma Historian

405-269-9444 or