Over 30 Accredited Service Officers in Oklahoma. Over 100 Oklahoma Post Service Officers.

Oklahoma's Accredited service officers are specially trained to provide expert assistance, free of charge, to veterans and their families. While the majority of a service officer’s work involves application for VA disability benefits, these compassionate professionals also provide information, referrals and resources on education, employment and business, death benefits and other important topics.

Muskogee Claims Office: Federal Building, Room 1B28 125 S. Main Street Muskogee, OK 74401

Scott Tafoya - Department Service Officer
Office: (918) 781-7760 or 1-888-ALEGION (253-4466)
Fax: 918-781-7761

Oklahoma City VA Medical Center: Room 1B-109f 921 N.E. 13th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Cheryl Cooper - Department Service Officer

Office: (405) 456-5481